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Bullying is deliberately hurtful behaviour, which is often repeated over a period of time and where the innocent alleged victim is unable to defend him or herself.

There are 4 different types of bullying:

PHYSICAL BULLYING: Hurting people or taking peoples’ belongings deliberately.
VERBAL BULLYING: Saying nasty things to people e.g. name calling, racism, telling nasty jokes.
CYBER BULLYING: Electronic harassment e.g. using mobile phones, e-mails, social network websites.
INDIRECT BULLYING: Excluding or ignoring someone, spreading nasty stories.

At Elmhurst School we say no to bullying of any type.
 If you think you or someone else is being bullied you could: 

  • Explain to an adult at school or at home.

  • Write down what is happening and put it in the 'bully box' which is kept in the Library.

An adult will listen to what has happened, invesitgate and then take any actions needed to make the bullying stop.

The following links provide information for children on how to prevent bullying:


The following website was created by the Government and gives information about how to prevent and spot bullying in a range of forms including cyber bullying.




Click on the logo to visit the Goverment anti-bullying website


ChildLine is a free and confidential service which provides someone to support children with any worry or concern.  It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be contacted on 0800 1111.


Click on the ChildLine logo to visit their website.