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Education Phonics and Reading Catch Up (COVID-19)

Making sure our pupils catch up with their reading is our priority, since it is vital for their access to the rest of the curriculum. We are working hard to ensure that our pupils in Reception through to Year 3 have phonic gaps addressed in 2021-2022. End of summer term assessments have been used to identify gaps in the children's phonic knowledge and revised lessons are planned to address these gaps. Leadership time is being prioritised so that model sessions can be taught and all staff gain further continued professional development in the teaching of early reading and phonics.


As part of our on-going drive to enable all children to become successful readers, we are committed to identifying and providing immediate extra support for those children who are making the slowest progress - whatever their age. We have had well-trained reading intervention teachers in place since September 2020 to provide additional reading instruction sessions based around 'Big Cat Collins' books for children from Reception through to Year 6.


Leaders are making sure that the direct teaching of phonics continues to take place every day for all children from the start of the Reception year. Teaching time is used to maximise the number of words children can read and spell, and practises knowledge from previous lessons until they can use it automatically. We also have a consistent focus on developing vocabulary so that this builds a strong foundation for comprehension and their own writing.

Page last updated: 23/08/21