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Maths Curriculum Implementation

The content and principles of the Early Years Foundation Framework, 2014 National Curriculum and the Teaching for Mastery approach convey how mathematics is implemented at Elmhurst.​

Mathematics is taught coherently and sequentially in Reception to Year 6 using the Power Maths scheme as a learning tool to Mastery.  Units of learning are broken down into a series of small, connected steps with each building on the children’s prior learning. Each lesson focuses on one small step or a series of small steps. ​

Pupils in the Early Years are prepared for the National Curriculum by developing a strong grounding in number so that all children develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically.  The Early Years Foundation Framework is used to guide mathematical learning in the Nursery and Reception classes. ​

Learning throughout the school is introduced using a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach so that pupils develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics through a variety of manipulatives and representations. 

Page last updated 10/08/2021