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Pupil Attendance Matters
It is important that children attend school every day in order for them to achieve their full potential.  It has been proven that there is a direct link between children’s attendance and how well they do at school.  There is a big impact on children’s learning if they do not attend every day.  Therefore, we do not approve holidays during term time.  Children should not be taken out of school unless absolutely necessary; it has a huge impact on their learning and every day really does count. 


Parents should be aware that if their child is absent for 10 school days, they will miss 5% of their education during that academic year.
Every day matters and the aim has to be 100% attendance.
Parental steps to achieving this are:

  • do not take holidays in term time 
  • expect your child to attend school unless they have a genuine illness.      
  • ensure that your child is well prepared for the school day and arrives with their P.E kit and has done their homework.         
  • get your child to school on time every day        
  • if you have any concerns at all please ring school or speak to the class teacher

If your child is ill, then please ring the school on each morning of their illness. An explanatory note to the class teacher is required for any absence, however short, on your child’s return to school.
Holiday Absence Form - This is no longer available because the government has amended the regulations on school attendance in 2013.  Please note that parents are expected to take family holidays during the school holidays.  Holiday will not be authorised in school time.
Leave of Absence Form - This form needs to be filled in and returned to school when applying for a one off absence from school because of exceptional circumstances for either part of the school day or for a whole school day.
From April 2014 all unauthorised absences will be subject to Penalty Notice consideration by the Local Authority.  Penalty notices are £60 per parent, per child if paid within 21 days of receipt, rising to £120 per parent, per child if paid within 28 days.  There is NO right of appeal against a Penalty Notice. If you choose to take your child away, his/her absence will be marked as unauthorised and this will be evident by registers kept at school and by census and other data we are required to submit to the Local Authority.  
Please refer to our Attendance Policy if you need further clarification.