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Pupil Voice

"I enjoy Maths especially when you are given the answer but you have to work out what the question was to start off with."  - Year 5 child


“It is interesting, joyful learning that makes the hard easy.” - Year 4 child

“Maths at Elmhurst has fun activities where you can learn when you are not confident.” - Year 3 child

“I am good at number because I know that 5 + 5 equals 10.” - Year 1 child


“Maths is very important to me as wherever I go there is Maths.” - Year 5 child


“We do all sorts of things, we learn new methods, solve word problems, work together and do arithmetic.” - Year 3 child

"I like that we can help ourselves to resources if we need them to support our learning. "​ - Year 4 child


“We learn Maths to make life easier.”  - Year 5 child


"I like seeing examples that we have done together on the white board or on the flipcharts."​ - Year 3 child


Quotes taken from Pupils voice questionnaires 2021


Page last updated 01/11/2021