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Reading and Phonics - How to Help at Home

On this page you will find useful information about how you can support your child with Early Reading and Phonics at home.

These are the Phase 2 Sounds covered in Pink A and Pink B:

These are the Phase 3 sounds covered in Red A, Red B, Yellow and Blue:

These are the Phase 5 sounds covered in Green, Orange and Turquoise:

Below, you will find example BIG Cat Collins Reading Instruction lessons created by the teachers in our school. These lessons cover much more than the reading book itself. They focus on developing phonics, language, new vocabulary, fluency, understanding and reading for pleasure. At home, you can support with this by focusing on the inside covers of the book.

Nursery Reading Instruction

Sound Card Resources

These sound card resources will support your children with reading at home. Please do print them and use them as part of your daily reading with your child. Phase 2 sound cards are for children reading Pink A and Pink B books. Phase 3 sound cards are for children reading Red A, Red B, Yellow and Blue books. Phase 5 sound cards are for children reading Green, Orange and Turquoise books. We do hope that you find them useful.
Page last updated: 08/03/21