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The CAFE Approach (Reading Instruction - Years 3 to 6)

Daily 'Reading Instruction' lessons in Years 3 to 6 enable us to explicitly teach children the key skills they need to read fluently and with understanding. At Elmhurst, we follow the CAFE Approach, which incorporates the four main strands of reading:


C - comprehension

A - accuracy

F - fluency

E - expand vocabulary


Short, targeted lessons allow teachers to pinpoint gaps in understanding and align teaching to the needs of the class, whilst allowing children the opportunity to practise skills at their own reading level and with books that they are able to access and enjoy.

In addition to reading instruction, the CAFE Approach also gives teachers the opportunity to have 1:1 reading consultations with every child on a regular basis. This session is focused on helping children identify their own successes and targets in their reading, whilst also providing them with personal feedback and encouragement.

Page last updated: 23/08/21