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Continuous and Enhanced Provision in Year 1

"I am so impressed with how Dylan has learned and how much he has learned. When I have been able to visit his classroom it is a very calm and relaxed environment. The children enjoy their learning and because of the way it is set out I don’t even think they realise they are learning. There is so much variety which means they are learning in so many different ways that can only benefit them more sitting at a desk being talked to all day would. I have never seen another school have the provisions and positive learning environment that Elmhurst does."

(Year 1 Parent, June 2023)


To create happy, confident, resilient and independent learners, who aspire to achieve their learning intentions, who are creative when tackling challenge and risk, and who think of ways to deepen their own knowledge, skills and understanding.


What does this look like?

  • Children who drive their own learning, are curious and set their own goals.
  • Children who persevere and regularly return to learning throughout the day or week - dependent on age and stage.
  • Children who access appropriate resources independently.
  • Children who believe there is no ceiling to their learning and can achieve it if they put their mind to it.
  • Children will strong oracy; who can articulate how they feel, what they think and how the they learn best.
  • Children who enjoy school, are happy and want to be here.
  • Children who are proud of their learning.
  • Children who achieve in line with national outcomes.


In order to achieve the above, we have created a carefully considered balance of continuous and enhanced provision, adult initiated and adult led activities, which enables pupils to experience a wide range of learning opportunities in line with the National Curriculum.

Our daughter is currently in Year 1 at Elmhurst and absolutely loves school.  She loves to explore things herself and find different ways to do things.  One of her favourite areas is the ‘Potion Station’ in the outside area, where she spends time mixing and creating potions!  Although our daughter is happy to sit and learn at a table for a short time, the practical learning activities that Year 1 has allowed her to question things, think about things, trial and error ways of building and making things. We feel that by having these provisions available, it gives her a deeper experience of learning which keeps her fully engaged in the task and allows her to learn without even realising.

(Year 1 Parent, June 2023)

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