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Religious Education

"I like learning about other religions. It's interesting to find out about their celebrations and traditions." - Year 3 Pupil

Curriculum Intent

At Elmhurst School, we believe the teaching of Religious Education should be impartial and that religious stories, beliefs and traditions can all teach us something about the world around us and ourselves within it. We aspire to provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious beliefs in order to promote exposure to a range views alongside an appreciation and respect for all in our multi-cultural, diverse community. ​Children are encouraged to think about their own views and share these reflections through a range of creative activities.

Similar to our Guerrilla and Learning for Life Curriculums, all our Religious Education lessons are values-led and are designed to encourage acquisition of knowledge, a forum of discussion to deepen understanding and, most importantly, personal reflection. ​

We have designed our Religious Education curriculum to reflect our school community and the UK as a whole. The sequence has been deliberately designed to enable both progression in understanding and knowledge and immersion in different religious and non-religious views. ​

Curriculum Implementation

In Years 1-6, RE is integrated into our Learning for Life and Project Guerrilla curriculums as well as having discrete sessions throughout each year. There are also assemblies to develop the children’s understanding of big ideas and relevant content. By linking our Learning for Life and RE curriculums together, we allow our pupils to reflect on their own sense of who they are, what they believe, what they value and how these influence their lives every day.


Where an RE lesson is taught, work is recorded in RE books. These move through the school with the children and become a repository of both their growing knowledge and their developing understanding of themselves, their beliefs and values. ​


From June 2022, we have chosen to introduce RE days to our calendar in order to provide more opportunities for deep learning and personal reflection.

Further information about the Elmhurst RE Curriculum

If you would like further information on our Religious Education curriculum or how to help your child at home then please get in contact with our Religious Education leader, Miss Alex Lillie on 01296 481380 or

Page last updated: 28/06/2022