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Project Guerrilla

Project Guerrilla Intent

Our wider curriculum is inspired by Jonathan Lear's Guerrilla Education and it aims to develop both propositional knowledge and procedural knowledge; it encourages independence, curiousity and creativity; produces collaborators, innovators, leaders and, above all, it helps our children to understand what it means to be human.


We believe that the purpose of education is to bring about goodness: human flourishing and this is promoted through our School's Core Values:

Aspire     Create     Think


Central to the curriculum are the following key skills that underpin everything we do:


Active Learning:

  • To seek out and enjoy challenges
  • To collaborate with others
  • Assess themselves and others


Basic Skills:

  • To speak clearly and convey ideas confidently 
  • To read and communicate efficiently and apply skills to solve problems
  • To use new technologies confidently and purposefully 


Creative Thinking:

  • To ask questions to extend their thinking 
  • To generate ideas and explore possibilities 
  • To overcome barriers by trying out alternatives or new solutions 
  • To connect ideas and experiences in inventive ways


Our curriculum content is spread across three terms allowing us to explore each area of the curriculum in greater depth and enabling us to provide inspirational opportunities for children to immerse themselves in the content of the learning.


Autumn Term - Discover (History Focus)

Spring Term - Explore (Geography Focus)

Summer Term - Create (Arts Focus)


Computing weaves throughout all three terms of work.  Further information is provided in the Curriculum Implementation section below and on the Computing page.

Project Guerrilla Curriculum Content

Each year group covers the content of the National Curriculum through the Guerrilla Curriculum over the course of the school year.  In order to reinforce a strong sense of purpose and for pupils to develop a deeper understanding,  relevant links are made between the content of our wider curriculum and that of English and Maths throughout each Project.  Information on the curriculum can be found using the links below.  Parents/Carers can request additional information from our Curriculum Leader via the school office.  

Project Guerrilla Curriculum Implementation

Page last updated: 18/06/21