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Reading Road Map

Reading Road Maps were launched across the school in February 2022 for pupils in Years 2 through to Year 6.  This will be broadened to include pupils in Years 1 and 6 in academic year 2022 - 2023.  


Aims of the Reading Road Map:

  • To promote reading for pleasure and a reading culture across the school.
  • To raise literacy levels across the school.
  • To engage reluctant readers.
  • To challenge more able readers.
  • To assist teachers and children by signposting them to new authors.


The map represents the following genres: Adventure; Classics; Crime; Fantasy; Graphic Novels; Horror; Humour; Poetry; Sci-Fi and Sport.


All books have been published in the last year (except the Classics) and they represent a diverse range of authors.


Pupils can achieve a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum certificates for reading a specified number of books and those achieving a Platinum certificate also get to chose a book from the Book Vending Machine to keep as their own.  


At the end of each year all books are adding to the schools library stock and new books are purchased for the new Reading Road Map for the following year.  This keeps out library stock fresh and current and gives those pupils who did not reach Platinum the chance to continue reading these books.  


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Page last updated: 27/06/22