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School Uniform

School Uniform

At Elmhurst, we believe that our uniform promotes a sense of identity, looks smart and encourages the children to take pride in both their appearance and the school.  School uniform is compulsory for all pupils at Elmhurst School.


Elmhurst school uniform consists of the following items:

Elmhurst School Logo CardiganElmhurst School Logo Sweatshirt

Elmhurst School Logo Polo Tshirt

  • Black skirt, trousers or school shorts (no pinafores)

  • If worn, black kameeze with school logo

  • If worn, plain royal blue hijab

Elmhurst School Logo Hijab

  • Plain black or white socks

  • Royal blue summer dress (see example)


PE Kit

For PE lessons, all children need:

Elmhurst School Logo PE Tshirt

  • Plain black/navy blue tracksuit trousers and a plain black/navy blue jumper (hoodies are not permitted) or royal blue fleece with school logo

Elmhurst School Logo Fleece


  • Plain black/navy blue shorts (for warmer weather)

Elmhurst School PE Shorts

  • Trainers

Where can I purchase school uniform?

To purchase new uniform you can either order online at PLSchoolwear or buy directly from their shop which is located in the Rabans Lane Industrial Estate:  PLSchoolwear, 56 Edison Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8TE


Second-hand Uniform

To purchase second-hand uniform you can browse available uniform through Uniformd from September 2021, which is run by Friends of Elmhurst PTA.

Uniform Rules

  • All items of clothing must be clearly named.
  • Nail varnish and jewellery are not permitted. 
  • Leggings are not permitted (except for pupils in Nursery).
  • Jeans are not permitted.
  • Children are permitted to wear plain stud earrings only and must be able to remove their own earrings for PE lessons.  Hooped or long earrings are not allowed to be worn in school due to health and safety.
  • Long hair must be tied back during PE lessons.
  • Boots and trainers are not permitted and children must wear a pair of sensible black school shoes.  However, children will need to wear a pair of trainers for PE lessons and can bring a pair to change into a break and lunch times on non-PE days. 

Page last updated: 01/09/21