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Curriculum Intent

All pupils are actively encouraged to think about and adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle.  We believe that all pupils are on a lifelong journey through physical literacy and we aim to give them the best possible start.  We want our pupils to aspire to be the next athlete, competitor or sports person.  The underpinning intent of our curriculum is to create confident, motivated and physically literate pupils.


To achieve this goal we focus on the four elements of Physical Literacy:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence 
  • Physical Competence  
  • Knowledge and Understanding

Curriculum Implementation

Our PE curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to develop their Physical Literacy through a variety of activities and experiences, including: games, dance, gym, swimming and outdoor adventurous learning. Through providing positive experiences of physical activity, we ensure that pupils develop a love of being active and an awareness of the mental and physical benefits of remaining active for life. We provide this through a skills-based PE curriculum, with challenge and support for all pupils.

If you would like further information on our PE curriculum or how to help your child at home then please get in contact with our PE Leader, Mr Simon Humphreys on 01296 481380 or

Page last updated: 22/02/23