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'The level and standard of teaching and learning is excellent - my daughter has really gained confidence' - Parent Survey June 2021 

At Elmhurst we are proud to be an inclusive school that provides aspirational creative and challenging education.  Each and every one of our children experiences a sense of enjoyment and is supported to achieve their full potential within our happy, safe and nurturing environment.  


In short, at Elmhurst, we aim for every child to...



Curriculum Intent

At Elmhurst School we believe in the concept of lifelong independent learning and the notion that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all.  We believe in high quality teaching and learning experiences which promote excellent and enjoyment across the curriculum enabling all pupils to become successful learners.  We focus on the child as a whole, ensuring that children's social and emotional needs are also catered for to ensure that children are well prapared for their next stage in education and for life in modern Britain.  


At Elmhurst, we ensure the learning journey of all our pupils is underpinned by our school values of Aspire, Create and Think as well as the Great Learner's Trust drivers of 'Meta-Cognition, Oracy and Wellbeing'.  Throughout our curriculum, we offer a range of high quality learning experiences, which draw on real-life experience and result in authentic and meaningful outcomes.  Our curriculum encourages curiosity, independence and develops a thirst for learning; it is diverse, current, relevant and emerges pupils in current events happening in the world today.  We want to inspire our pupils to understand how the small differences they make, make an impact and we do this by developing our pupils self-esteem and confidence.


Our curriculum has been carefully considered and mapped out to ensure that there is progression of skills and breadth of coverage.  Children are encouraged from our youngest years to develop a sense of awe and wonder; through our Hygge/Wanderlust approach which starts in our Early Years Foundation Stage.  We provide creative and stimulating opportunities to enable all pupils to reach their full potential and to encourage our pupils to become enquiring and independent learners.  By building on what our pupils already know we develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. 


We provide a highly inclusive learning environment whereby all pupils are valued and enjoy their education.  We foster equality and ensure that our curriculum addresses disadvantage and aspires to support all pupils to achieve.   Children leave our school with the confidence and skills to be successful, life-long learners.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure there is a clear learning journey for our pupils which starts with our two years olds and continues through to Year 6.  We use the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum as starting points for all subjects, to ensure progression and coverage across the school.  We deepen the pupils learning by choosing relevant content, exposure pupils to diversity and structure learning in a way that fosters independence, aspiration and creative thinking.


All subjects have a clear curriculum statements, alongside long-term and medium-term planning which outlines key objectives and progression of skills.  Short-term planning is regularly adapted to ensure that it meets the need of individual pupils.  Trips, visits and experiences are carefully planned and considered to ensure they add value to the children's learning experiences. 


Our curriculum design ensures that the needs of individuals, small groups of children and the whole class can be met within the environment of high quality teaching, supported by targeted, evidence based interventions and boosters when appropriate. 


We have structured timetables and expectations in place that set out our expectations for daily lessons in Maths, Reading, Writing, Phonics with additional lessons for other aspects of Maths and English.  To balance there is a strong emphasis on the importance of the wider curriculum and these are delivered through our Guerrilla Projects, Science, PE and Learning for Life lessons. 

Curriculum Impact

At Elmhurst, we strive for all pupils to achieve their very best, by having high expectations.  All of our subjects have clear end points and pupils are assessed at regular intervals against these.  Staff are aware of the expectations for all children and strive to go the extra mile to enable them to get there.


Our curriculum teaches core skills in English, maths and science whilst actively ensuring that expectations remain high across the wider curriculum and these subjects are also highly promoted. 


Our children enjoy learning at Elmhurst and this enables them to become lifelong learners.  Our Learning for Life lessons also give pupils the chance to explore a wide range of personal, social, health and emotional learning. 

If you would like further information on the curriculum or how to help your child at home then please get in contact with our Lead Practitioner, Mrs Viv Woon on 01296 481380 or

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