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Learning for Life

"We learn important things about the world that we might need to know in the future, like how to act towards each other." - Y1 Pupil

Curriculum Intent

Learning for Life prepares our children for their future through the delivery of a comprehensive, creative PSHE programme. Our goal is to enable pupils to acquire the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values which are necessary to make sense of their life experiences and help them aspire to become healthy, confident, independent and responsible members of society.  Providing a high quality PSHE curriculum gives pupils opportunities to think about issues that are real and relevant to their lives in a safe environment and to create an ambitious and happy future for themselves.

Curriculum Implementation

In Years 1-6, Learning for Life is taught weekly. There may be times that additional sessions occur due to a relevant issue arising within an individual class, within our school or within the global community; we are aware that our Learning for Life curriculum must reflect the needs of our pupils and the world they live in. ​

Where Learning for Life has been taught, a sample of class work or a record of discussion is displayed in our Learning for Life class books. At the beginning of a unit of work, a ‘cold task’ is conducted by the class teacher to provide a baseline for pupil understanding. When a unit of work has been completed, a ‘hot task’ is completed in order to allow the teacher to assess the children’s learning; these two tasks may be completed on the same piece of paper or may constitute two separate pieces of work. This work will be stored in Learning for Life folders for reference by staff.

The curriculum is based on three core themes: Relationships Education, Physical Health and Wellbeing and Living in the Wider World. 

Within these topic areas, children will learn about the importance of building positive relationships with others and how to look after both their bodies and their minds as they grow older. They will also deepen their understanding of different emotions that they may experience and explore appropriate ways to manage and express these. As part of Living in the Wider World, pupils will discuss how to recognise and manage potential dangers and risks they might encounter in life, how to save and look after their money, and where to go for help if needed.

Developing pupils' understanding of many aspects of life, these lessons will involve age-appropriate discussion, debate, role play and collaborative working.

Further information about the Elmhurst Learning for Life Curriculum

If you would like further information on our Learning for Life curriculum or how to help your child at home then please get in contact with our Learning for Life leader, Miss Alex Lillie on 01296 481380 or

Page last updated: 22/02/2023