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School Closure

In the event of disruption due to severe weather conditions, or other events, for example the boiler breaking down, the school must always consider the safety of its pupils, staff and visitors. With this in mind Elmhurst's responsibility is to ensure the school remains open, wherever possible, to avoid disruption to the education that pupils receive.

Any decision taken to close the school will be made as quickly as possible by the Co-Headteachers and Chair of Governors, taking into consideration the safety and accessibility of ground conditions of the school site, and if the school is sufficiently heated and able to provide a school meal for pupils. Wherever possible the school will remain open at all times.

In the event of Elmhurst having to close, or partially close, families will be notified in the following ways:

  • by Class Dojo - parents should ensure that they are signed up to the APP and linked to their child's class;
  • details will be posted on the school website as soon as possible;
  • details will also be posted on the Local Authority’s website click here
  • Mix 96 Radio station will be informed, they will post information on their website.


If severe weather should develop during the day, the school will aim to remain open until the end of the school day. However, if this is not possible parents will be contacted by text message or telephone and asked to collect their children, or give verbal permission for their children to make their own way home, as soon as possible.

Page last updated: 08/09/23