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Electronic Reading Records | BoomReader

At Elmhurst, we recognise that parental and family support is an essential part of every child's learning.  We value parental contributions and encourage parents to record their child's reading at home on the BoomReader APP.  


Elmhurst School will:

  • Read with your child regularly in school.
  • Record all individual/small group reading at school.
  • Communicate with you about your child's learning e.g. if they have moved up book band or are working on particular sounds.


Parents/Carers will:

  • Read with their child for a least 10 minutes five times per week and record this reading at home on the BoomReader APP.
  • Ensure any damaged or lost books are replaced or the school is reimbursed for these.


Children will:

  • Read with an adult at home for at least 10 minutes five times per week.

  • Encourage your adult to record this reading on the BoomReader APP.

  • Look after your school reading books and take good care of them.

Page last updated: 05/09/22