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Spelling Bee

What is happening? 

As part of our work to promote high standards of spelling throughout the school, we hold an annual Spelling Bee competition. This is a motivating and fun way to celebrate the achievements of all the children as well as learn key spellings that the children will need now and throughout their lives.  


How does the competition work? 

  • Semi-final rounds: on this day, children will complete a spelling test and earn points for their house. The highest scoring child from each house will then be invited to compete in the final and represent their house team. 
  • Final: Each year group will put forward their top scorer from each house to take part in the grand finale. We believe that this structure gives all children the opportunity to earn points for their house and take part in what should be a fun event whilst also reinforcing spelling rules. 


Please encourage your child to get involved and do the best they possibly can by supporting them in learning the spellings at home. The list of to learn words will be sent home via email. The full list of words will also be posted on the school website.  If your child requires further challenge after learning the words for their year group, please encourage them to try the words for the year group above where they are.

The Spelling Bee will take place in Summer Term 2024!

Page last updated: 06/03/24